What Makes Us Different?

We are dedicated to providing Top Grade Cannabis to our neighbors across this Beaver State; something our Crew has been specializing in since the 90’s. Cannabis has been our lifestyle since tying shoes, and Mary Jane has had our back ever since; providing us with the best, 100 % Clean Green Certified, chronic to push to the rest of the Family. Enjoy.


Black Market Productions is represented by generations of growers and their coveted gardens, or what has passed down from all of their efforts. We are two of 3 brothers who have loved cannabis our entire lives, growing, smoking and perpetuating a culture that is now a legal entity, where else would you find us?  We were Raised by two parents who worked for the Federal Bureau of Investigation, keeping a quiet mouth and covering our tracks was second nature. Being raised in the late 90’s and early 00’s, we have come across the finest strains to elevate your mood. Growing isn’t a hobby it is a lifestyle, and it feels good to have been secretly supported by our community since we planted our first seed.

Meet the Crew

We are 3 brothers who have banded together all of our resources to engage in perfecting our best cannabis grow facility yet. Black Market Productions is made up of our Crew, our friends and family that have supported us through the years of bartending and growing in basements. We started creating this facility in 1997 when we took our first toke, creating bonds in the underground markets ever since. Being raised by two Federal Agents, covering our tracks was second nature. These strains we give to you have been loved by us for years, we hope you enjoy them as much as our Family.



One of my favorite Sativa dominant strains to grow! It was never too stinky to alert the neighbors and the Lime Sherbert Scent will leave your mind and taste buds spinning! Originally bred from Trainwreck and Jack the Ripper, this stunning flower elevates in a Euphoric, Happy, Uplifted sway. This strain found me while I was in Corvallis, from a guy I met at a May Day Festival in 2013 with my 2 daughters.



This strain came to me from my friends in the South, and the aromatic scent immediately dominates the room leaving you anxious to light up. This Sativa dominant Jack the Ripper and Orange Velvet hybrid, is a stunner immediately, then wears into a clear head high, leaving you motivated to shred all day. Her glitzy terps taste as good as they look, she will not disappoint. Agent Julius, our Father lost his life serving the Country, 20 percent of all sales goes to support our Veterans.



We always make room in our garden for this heavy hitting Indica dominant hybrid, but we make sure not to spark up until dusk; it leaves you couch-locked. Her pungent citrus aroma isn’t overwhelming, and her earthy coffee after taste let’s you know you hit the ’98. Linked back to Bubba in Florida, B Real from Cypress Hill brought it to the West Coast after grabbing some seeds when he stopped by to buy some weed.


3 Kings

The Three Sisters, need The III Kings, The Holy Trinity of strains in her High Desert. This nostalgic nug encompasses the Original Gangsters for each strain I was stashing in my VCR growing up; Headband,, OG Kush & Sour Diesel. This pungent lady holds the diesel aroma as well as an earthy tangie smell and the exhale is on point. I found this strain from an old friend back in High School in Coeur d’ Alene, an old border jumper, so who knows its true origination. BigFoot Nursery Llc, know has the strain also.

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